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Accident Investigative Analysis

Your Added Value :

  • Understanding where & how things went wrong

  • How to prevent a repeat accident

  • Insurance

  • Loss adjustment Correctness

Example :

In late-October 2007, the Usumacinta jack-up was positioned over the Kab-101 platform.  Strong winds forced the jack-up off location, causing it to collide with the Kab-101 platform and rupture the platform’s production tree.  Twenty-two workers lost their lives as a result of the emergency evacuation in storm-force conditions.  The leaking hydrocarbons ignited twice, causing major fire damage to both the Usumacinta and the Kab-101.

Accident Investigative Analysis
Accident Investigative Analysis

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Insurance

  • Bank Risk Exposure

  • Loss Adjustment Claims

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