Drilling Training Drilling Training Drilling Training
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Your Added Value :

  • Maximise Safety

  • Maximise Efficiency

  • Maximise Performance

  • Maximise Profitability

  • Maximise Production

With low prices and wells becoming more difficult to drill (e.g. HPHT, Multi-lateral, Extended Reach, Deepwater for example), the competency of people has perhaps never been more important than it is today.

IDEAS has been involved with the world’s optimum Drilling Contractor and a major Service Company regarding drill crew competency, helping to draw-up “Technical” & “Job” scopes as well as direct advice to clients.

If you have the right team, there’s really nothing that cannot be done.  And the right team translates into the above “Added Values”.


Competency & Teamwork – Crucial in today’s Drilling Industry

In conjunction with the above “Added Values”, assessed, proven Competencies can also help companies to win valuable contracts: whether it be Operators seeking contracts from Ministries or Governments, Drilling Contractors or Service Companies seeking contracts from Operators, and SME’s seeking contracts in their areas of expertise.

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Drilling Contractor Crew Competency

  • Drilling Engineers / Senior Drilling Engineer (Operator) Competency

  • Service Provider Competency

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