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Deepwater Drilling

Your Added Value :

  • Minimise Well Cost

  • Maximise Efficiency

  • Achieve Well Objectives

Deepwater drilling is extremely expensive, with some latest generation drill-ships having daily operating costs in excess of $1million per day.  Thus, anything that can be done to save time will translate into massive cost-saving.

Very often it’s planning that saves the most money, particularly if Technical Limit Drilling is being utilised.

Experience and competency are key human factors as is dual activity; both able to save $millions.

Particularly important is an “Optimised” Drilling Programme.  IDEAS has been, through Programme Review, to improve Programmes in South East Asia & U.K.

Deepwater Drilling

Dual & Single Activity Drill Ships

Deepwater Drilling

Dual & Single Activity Drill Ships

IDEAS has worked with many Operators & Drilling Contractors with respect to Deepwater Drilling in the areas of the conceptual, planning, risk analysis, training and drilling programme writing stages.

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Deepwater Well Control

  • Risk Management (using Risk Impact ™ Software)

  • Technical Limit Drilling

  • Training

  • Deepwater Well Programme Review

  • Competency

  • Deepwater DWOP

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