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Drilling Studies

Your Added Value :

  • Reduced Costs

  • Improved Safety

  • Maximised Promotion

With projects becoming more and more demanding (e.g. Extended Reach Drilling, “Designer Well” drilling, Deepwater, HPHT, Multilateral etc.) and because of the drop in oil prices, more than ever we need to study what we’re doing so that we can drill cost-effective wells.

For example, in drilling a high-angle well, have we carried out the necessary rock mechanics work to prevent hole collapse due to sufficient mud weight?

Over the years, IDEAS has carried out over 125 studies* for clients (mostly Operators), all resulting in success for the Operator in terms of safety, efficiency, hydrocarbon production and thereby profitability.  In short, drilling studies reduce problem risk.

Drilling Studies

Drilling Studies Reduce Problem Risk Downhole

*Please call us for a full listing of the studies we have carried out for our clients worldwide.  Ranging from the driller to and through the reservoir through to the first stage separator, we have saved in total $millions – and maximised safety.  Our most recent studies are in the areas of :-

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • HPHT

  • Deepwater

  • Multi-lateral wells

  • Stuck Pipe Prevention

  • Performance Drilling

  • Well Control

  • Production Optimisation


Clickhere to view more on drilling studies – listing. Please contact us to see how we can help you!