Drilling Training Drilling Training Drilling Training
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Your Added Value :

  • Allows Peer Review

  • Improves Safety

  • Allows Drilling Contractor & Service Companies To Add Value

  • Increased Performance

With projects becoming more and more demanding (e.g. Extended Reach Drilling, “Designer Well” drilling, Deepwater, HPHT, Multilateral etc.) and because of the drop in oil prices, more than ever we need to study and talk about what we’re going to do so that we can drill cost-effective, safe wells.

If you study how the best Operators, Drilling Contractors & Service Companies work, you’ll see that they’re all for DWOP’s.

Over the years, IDEAS has carried out many DWOP’s for clients (mostly Operators), all resulting in success for the Operator in terms of safety, efficiency, hydrocarbon production and thereby profitability.  In short, DWOP’s give fellow peers a chance to comment on the well – and a chance to improve safety, efficiency, maximum hydrocarbon production and profitability.


DWOP’s Reduce Problem Risk Downhole

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Brunei (Shell) – HPHT Workshops

  • Brunei (Total) & Singapore (Total) – Deepwater

  • Cuba – (Repsol) – Exploration Well

  • Vietnam (Vantage) – HPHT Workshops

  • U.K. – (G de F) – Exploration Well

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