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ERD – Extended Reach Drilling

Your Added Value :-

  • No requirement for sub-sea wells (Production Straight to Platform for Processing & Subsequent Export)

  • No rig hire requirement if rig still on-board platform

  • Production is centralised (Whether Platform or Manifold / Template)

Efficient, fit-for-purpose ERD well design requires a combination of experience, expertise, lateral thinking, focus, a full understanding of life-cycle considerations and impacts coupled with optimal engineering philosophy, rationale and methodology.

To date, experience shows that ERD wells are a success if they are properly planned, risk-assessed and executed with rigs with sufficient power and motivated / trained drill crew.

Utilizing the breadth and depth of a completely independent company such as IDEAS, allows for unbiased review of existing well design, optimal well design to begin with or improved well design if IDEAS are to work with the design engineer(s) / planning team on a consultative basis.

ERD – Extended Reach Drilling

ERD World Record: Sakhalin 1 Well Z42: MD 12,700m Horizontal Reach 11,739m Set April 2014

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Rig Power Requirements (Fulmar Platform & Various) & Rig Upgrade

  • Casing Wear Study

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