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Horizontal Drilling

Your Added Value :

  • Maximised Production

  • Reduced Platform Size

  • Reduced Number Sub-Sea Wells

Horizontal wells have many advantages over other types of well design – in particular increased production (which means smaller / lighter platforms and reduced sub-sea well requirements) and less likelihood of water / gas coning (at least for a decent period of time).

As can be seen in the schematic below, when the original wellbore eventually water’s out, the mother bore can be side-tracked to allow oil in the oil rim to be produced.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal Well Schematic

IDEAS has worked with many Operators in the areas of horizontal drilling through virgin reservoir pressure wells and through depleted reservoir pressure wells, side-tracking through 9 5/8” / 7” liner.

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Conceptual Engineering

  • Whipstock work

  • Differential Sticking Prevention

  • Horizontal Well Control

  • Risk Management (using Risk Impact ™ Software)

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