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MPD – Managed Pressure Drilling

Your Added Value :

  • Management Of Small Margin Between Pore-Pressure & Fracture Pressure

  • Deeper Hole Sections Are Drillable – Necessary On Some Deepwater Wells / HPHT Wells

There are many definitions of – and systems related to – MPD.

Essentially, especially where the margin between pore pressure and fracture gradient is low, MPD can “manage” the window very effectively through the use of a specialised choke system (either manually or automatically) thereby adjusting the “back-pressure” on the well (which, in turn, alters the pressure on the bottom of the hole).

 One such system is portrayed below :

MPD – Managed Pressure Drilling

IDEAS has worked with many Operators & Drilling Contractors in the areas of the different levels of multi-lateral well designs, particularly at the conceptual, planning and risk analysis stages.

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