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Production Optimisation

Your Added Value :

  • Maximise Productivity

  • Maximise Profitability

  • Lengthen Mature Field-Life

  • Delay Abandonment Costs

IDEAS’ Staff have helped 2 major Operators regarding Mature “Brownfield” Asset Production Uplift with respect to “Barrier” and “Hidden” Reserves. We spent a great deal of time in :

  • Reviewing the latest seismic data

  • Reviewing the latest reservoir models

  • Determining how “Barriers” to production could be overcome

  • The work-over / intervention / re-drilling required.

Production Optimisation

Drilling & Production Offshore Nigeria

With the latest advances in technology (e.g. slim-hole drilling, through tubing rotary drilling, coiled tubing drilling, fracturing, acids, hydraulic work-overs etc.)

it’s possible to do things today that couldn’t be done a decade or so ago, meaning that “Barrier” reserves are now accessible.  This not only translates into production but that mature field life is extended.

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Providing Operators with increased reserves,

  • Providing Operators with solutions re how to extract those reserves,

  • Designing new wells with long periods of production in mind

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