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Rig Survey (Including HPHT)

Your Added Value :-

  • For operator’s : Ensuring that the rig is fully capable of drilling HPHT Wells

  • For drilling contractors : HPHT Capability / Increased Income

We provide a comprehensive technical survey of all critical equipment and systems on offshore and onshore installations, rigs, accommodation or camp. This includes all drilling systems, mechanical, safety, marine, well control, BOP and electrical generation equipment and mud systems.  Our focus is to minimise rig downtime, control/reduce risk to ALARP and help ensure a safe working environment.

Upon completion of a survey, our technical engineers and surveyors will issue a full report in addition to classifying deficiencies as Critical, Major or Minor, providing clients with a complete picture regarding the integrity of their assets.  And when you consider our inspections cost less than a single day’s operating costs, the commercial added value they provide can’t be underestimated.

Not only do they minimise or eliminate downtime, our inspections also provide an excellent tool for future contract negotiations & shipyard work scopes.

HPHT wells are extremely expensive to drill – particularly for Operators in the Exploration Phase if no hydrocarbons are found.  Generally, as HPHT equipment is costly, Drilling Contractors charge a premium for a HPHT rig.  What if, however, the rig is not, at this moment in time, HPHT certified – but the Drilling

Contractor wishes to upgrade it at its next ship-yard visit?  What needs to be done in order for the Drilling Contractor to cost the upgrade?  It makes sense to send surveyors out to the rig to assess its capability – and what is needed to be done in the ship-yard before marketing the rig as being “HPHT Capable”.

IDEAS is capable of providing such a service through its HPHT personnel based in Singapore & Aberdeen, U.K.

Blowout Investigative Analysis

Offshore on the Songa Mercur, Vietnam: HPHT Rig Capability Survey & General

Offshore on the Songa Mercur, Vietnam: HPHT Rig Capability Survey & General

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IDEAS will state, clearly, those areas which require to be up-graded when the rig is next in the ship-yard in accordance with API & IADC, in report format.  We will also advise on any issue you require.

Our most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • HPHT Drilling Upgrade Requirements

  • The most cost-effective way to up-grade the rig if necessary.

Please contact us to see how we can help you!