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Rig Training (Including HPHT)

Your Added Value :

  • Cost Effective Training For Drill Crew

  • Greater Understanding Of Required HPHT Drilling Practices

  • Greater Understanding Of HPHT Well Control

Since HPHT wells are so expensive to drill, it is prudent for the Drill Crew to be fully aware of the differences in drilling standard wells versus HPHT wells. IDEAS personnel go offshore to help the drill crew to understand such things as “Finger-printing”; Why we must be careful regarding swab & surge pressures; Why we may need to “Pump out of hole” and of course HPHT Well Control.

Apart from educating the drill crew, the Operator gains the knowledge that the drill crew have been adequately trained in HPHT Drilling Practices & HPHT Well Control.

Rig Training: HPHT Specific

Drilling Offshore to Brunei, The West Defender

IDEAS will train the rig crew, as required.

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • HPHT Drilling Practices

  • HPHT Well Control

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