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Risk Management

Your Added Value :

  • Maximised Safety

  • Maximised Efficiency

  • Maximised Production

Sadly, we all remember the Piper Alpha, Montara, Macondo, Hercules & KS Endeavour disasters – and many, many others too.

One advantage of carrying out proper Risk Analysis is that it forces us to face possible difficulties – and address them head-on long before they even have the slightest chance of beginning to happen.

Standard red, amber and green methodologies give a “general” approach, but are not exact. Therefore, IDEAS has, in conjunction with Oilfield Risk Analysis, designed a Monte Carlo Risk Impact™ System which gives 100% “Probability / Tolerability” correctness and accuracy in terms of Safety Factors.

Risk Management

Risk Assessment Workshop, Singapore

Risk Management

Risk Assessment Workshop, Singapore

IDEAS “Risk Impact” software is extremely user-friendly.  Once Probabilities and Tolerability’s have been determined through workshops like the one pictured above, the “Risk Impact” software determines which factors yield a low safety factor – which then tells you which areas you must address in order to either mitigate or eliminate risk.  Please remember that “Risk” is not just about eliminating or reducing those things you can “see” (10%) but rather about the 90% of things you cannot see.  The things you cannot see are often the things which hit you the hardest.

Risk Management

Screen Example of RISK IMPACT™ Software

 Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Drilling (HAZID)

  • HPHT Field Conceptual Engineering (HAZAN)

  • Underground Blowout Likelihood (HAZOP)

  • Level 6 Multi-laterals (RISK IMPACT™)

  • HPHT Well Control

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