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Well Examination / Well Review

Your Added Value :

  • Maximum Safety

  • Maximum Well Integrity

  • Aligned API / IADC Recommendations / Practices

Ever since the Design & Construction Regulations were enforced through the Health & Safety Executive in the U.K.in 1996 IDEAS has examined many, many wells courtesy of its in-house Well Examination Scheme which covers Drilling, Testing, Completion, Intervention & Work-overs etc.

All of our Examiners have a minimum of 30 years’ experience and they will do their utmost to examine your wells with the utmost exactitude as is possible.

Well Examination Well Review

Benefit from Well Examination / Well Review

 Wherever possible, IDEAS will also suggest to you, the Operator, how things might also be improved – through certain new technologies and ways of working etc., all part of the service.  To date, we have helped our clients save $millions through being able to look at Drilling Programmes without bias or prejudice – to help you save time, money and “untoward” events.

Our Most recent “Added Value” services are in the areas of :

  • Deepwater Drilling

  • Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Drilling

  • HPHT Drilling

  • Well Control Scenarios

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