2D Land Seismic Data Processing Training Course

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This course is aimed at data processing geophysicists with a basic knowledge of seismic data acquisition and seismic data processing and provides the necessary knowledge to enable them to produce high quality data processing.

The course is scheduled for 5 days of regular lectures and workshops, to describe processing procedures and promote the quality management of job flows and outputs.

  • Land Seismic acquisition and seismic sources
  • Acquisition Quality Control (QC)
  • De-multiplexing of recorded data
  • Standard SEG-D tape format
  • Reformat, QC log file, raw data QC
  • Vibroseis processing
  • 2D Geometry
  • Statics correction
  • Bad shot and Trace edit
  • Gain recovery
  • De-noise
  • De-convolution (of vibroseis, dynamite and air-gun data)
  • Filtering
  • CDP Sort
  • Velocity analysis
  • NMO, Muting and Stacking
  • Post stack processing
  • Migration theory
  • Post-stack time migration
  • Post stack processing
  • SEG-Y data format

This course is basic in content and is aimed at junior personnel.   It is designed for geophysicists or engineers with some knowledge of seismic survey procedures and with high school grade maths skills, however this is not obligatory as full use is made of imagery to explain points. .

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Currently, this course is not available for online registration. Please fill up your contact details and we will inform you when the course is available for registration.