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This course has been written for Operators, Drilling Contractors and Service personnel who require an in-depth detailed understanding of how fishing tools have been designed and manufactured and how they work.  It is typically run alongside Advanced Stuck Pipe Prevention.

As compared with the standard Fishing Course, we spend more time studying the downhole “mechanics” of the fishing tools we use to catch the differing varieties of fish in oil wells and why fishing is not often successful first time.

During the course we use the media of first-class digital film and PowerPoint graphics to explain things in detail.

For the “practical session” of the course, we work through a number of advanced-level fishing case histories (which were all successful) to cement the delegates learning & understanding.

Duration: 2 Days

Skill Level: Advanced

Course Brochure: IDEAS - Advanced Fishing
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This course covers the following topics:

  • Safety Joints (Coarse Thread)
  • Knuckle Joints
  • Overshots (Series 70)
  • Overshots (Series 150)
  • Overshots (Sucker Rod)
  • Spears (Non-releasing)
  • Spears (Releasing)
  • Internal & External Cutters (& Hydraulic)
  • Pipe Cutter – Pressure
  • Milling Tools
  • Fishing Magnets
  • Junk Baskets (including Reverse Circulation)
  • Side Door Fishing tool
  • Packer Retriever
  • Fishing Jars (Range)
  • Bumper Subs (Range)
  •  Senior Drilling Contractor Personnel: Drillers, Toolpushers, Rig Managers
  • Senior Drilling Engineer / Offshore Engineer, Drilling Supervisor, Drilling Superintendent, Drilling Manager
  • Service Company Personnel

 Prerequisite: Several years’ rig-site experience.

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