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This intensive course and has been specifically designed for Intermediate Level casing designers.  This takes delegates through the key drivers behind casing design for exploration, appraisal and development wells and their associated risks, challenges and solutions.

The course learning outcomes are:-

  • To enable delegates to understand the most important aspects of and key drivers behind both standard and Intermediate Level casing design.
  • To enable delegates to be able to carry out casing design from both a calculation methodology and graphical analysis methodology.
  • To enable delegates to know what goes on inside ‘black box’ software casing programs.

Presentation material is through the use of detailed Manuals, PowerPoint, Design Calculations (& Graphical Analysis), case histories, videos and digital film.

Course Brochure: IDEAS - Casing Design
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This course covers the following topics:

Module A (2.5 days)

  • Introduction
  • Casing Types & Functions
  • General Casing Programme Considerations
  • Casing Design Preliminaries
  • Typical Casing Design Policies
  • Casing Connections Standards
  • Casing Setting Guidance
  • Casing Design Guidance
  • Tri-axial Design Analysis
  • Offshore Conductor Design Guidance
  • Kick Tolerance Guidance
  • Casing Wear Standards & Guidance
  • Temperature Considerations
  • Buckling Considerations
  • Corrosion Design Considerations

Module B (2.5 days)

  • Summary of Design Procedure
  • API Specifications, Classification & Performance Properties of Casing
  • Basic Applied Mechanics Related to Casing Design
  • Rock Mechanics & Casing Shoe Strength
  • Collapse
  • Burst
  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Connections
  • Wear
  • Buckling
  • Corrosion
  • Problems Requiring Special Design Considerations
  • Casing Design : Final Casing Selection
  • Casing Design Example – Overview
  • Detailed Design Procedure, Example Calculations & Graphical Analysis (Oilfield Units & S.I. Units)
  • Drilling Engineers / Senior Drilling Engineers / Technical Assistant

 Prerequisite: Basic (Level 1) Casing Design or General Well Planning Office Experience.

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