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Well Completions are the sole way of obtaining safe communication between the reservoir and surface production facilities. The role of the completion design engineer is to take a well that has been drilled and convert it into a safe and efficient production or injection string. Well completion design is a mixture of physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, geology, hydraulics, material science and practical hands-on well site experience.

This course cannot cover all of these topics in any depth. As a result this 5 day course will focus on the essential knowledge that is needed and the topics essential to any Well Completion Design Engineer who needs to convert a newly drilled well into a safe conduit to flow the well products into the surface facilities. Safety is critical in completions; people have been killed by poorly designed or poorly installed completions.

The completion must be designed so as to be safely installed and operated. Safe installation will need to reference hazards such as well control, heavy lifts, chemicals and simultaneous operations. The media used in this course is Presentations, manuals, videos, case histories and live examples.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Advanced

Course Brochure: Coming Soon

This course covers in a high level of detail the following topics

– How to maintain well integrity and sufficient barriers throughout the well life cycle (Well control and barriers)
– The Role of the Completion Engineer
– Data Gathering
- Designing for the Life of the Well
- The Completion Design Process
- Types of Completions
- Reservoir Type Completion
- Sand Control
- Well Operations Life Cycle
- Tubing Well Performance, Heat Transfer and Sizing
- Artificial Lift – Gas Lift, Electrical Submersible Pumps, Cavity Pumps and Beam Pumps (In summary only)
- Production Chemistry
- Material Selection
- Tubing Stress Analysis
- Completion Equipment
- Installing the Completion

Company Well Completion Engineers, Company Senior Well Completion Engineers, Well Completion Managers, Service Company Personnel and Service Company Managers.

Prerequisite: A good level of Field Experience.

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