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The drilling industry is unique.  Reservoirs around the globe are at differing locations, depths, pressures and temperatures requiring a range of drilling rigs and systems to produce the reservoir’s hydrocarbons.

Thus, to maximise learning efficiency, customised courses and training programmes are an excellent option since they are designed, constructed and delivered to meet specific – as opposed to general – requirements.


Bespoke learning material covers your requirements through the media of:

  1. Lectures & Discussion (all our Trainers have a minimum of 25 years of experience);
  2. PowerPoints (written by the Trainer);
  3. Videos;
  4. Case history examples;
  5. Teamwork exercises;
  6. E-Learning;
  7. Social Media Discussion / Skype Conferencing;
  8. Rig-based practical tasks.

Our team would be glad to meet you to discuss your bespoke requirements and to give you examples of current bespoke material.


All of our modules are written such that the module is a delight in its own right, but also so that it integrates with other, related modules in order for the delegate to gain a wider, integrated understanding of the bigger picture.

For example, in order to fully understand drilling, the delegate would cover modules on the basics of reservoirs and geology before studying drill bits, drilling assemblies, drilling fluids, solids control equipment, the circulating system, the rig’s equipment and what it’s for, circulating the hole clean, casing & wellheads, running casing and cementing etc.

Thus, whilst each module is important by itself, the integrative approach maximises overall understanding, particularly if there are directly related tasks which can be carried out on the rig either on location or in the shipyard.

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The advantages of On-the-job / Practical Training are that the delegate’s understanding of the modules covered beforehand is maximised and that practical experience / expertise becomes integrated with the theory.

We have written Practical Offshore Training Tasks for both large and small companies per the following:-

  • Simulator training for well control and jarring;
  • Workshops;
  • Jack-up in the Singapore ship-yard;
  • Drill-ship in the Singapore ship-yard;
  • Drill-ship moored offshore to Singapore & Sarawak;
  • Land Rig – Sarawak;
  • Jack-ups Offshore to Brunei & Sarawak;
  • Accelerated Assistant Drillers Training Program for Tender Assist Drilling.

Each program was specifically written for the client, per the clients’ equipment and objectives, and was extremely well received.


IDEAS also supplies customised Coaching for difficult wells such as HPHT for example.

Please see our Coaching section for further details.


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