Deepwater Drilling Optimisation

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This course examines the difficulties, challenges and problems facing today’s deepwater drilling personnel where wells are being drilled in increasingly difficult downhole and environmental conditions with ever increasing cost and legislation further contributing to design and operational pressures.

Through offering potential and proven solutions to the problems facing today’s deepwater personnel, delegates will be able to optimise drilling safety, efficiency and hydrocarbon production whilst, at the same time, minimising cost and risk on these highly expensive and potentially very difficult wells.

Case histories referencing both successes and failures are referred to throughout the course to maximise the learning / experience transfer process and delegates will have the opportunity to both critique and examine recent deepwater well failures and successes drilled in different parts of the world to complete, through teamwork study, the knowledge-gain process

Presentation material is through the use of PowerPoints, Videos, Digital Film, Manuals & Handouts.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Intermediate

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This course covers the following topics:-

  • Overview
  • Industry Definitions of Deepwater & Ultra-Deepwater
  • The Commonest Reasons why Deepwater wells over-run in terms of cost and why they may fail to reach their objectives
  • The Environment
  • How the environment affects marine vessels
  • Semi-submersibles, Drill-ships and their usage
  • Semi-submersible Rig Stability & Station Keeping
  • Drill-ship Stability & Station Keeping
  • Sea-bed Surveys prior to spud
  • Shallow-gas Surveys prior to spud
  • Other shallow issues e.g. methane gas
  • The problems associated with weak formations
  • Spudding the well: Top Hole:- 1) Drilling and 2) Jetting
  • Drilling Surface Hole
  • Running the Surface Casing String
  • Subsea Drilling Equipment
  • Drilling below the Surface String: Subsea BOP Stack installed
  • Examination / Review of Deepwater Successes and Failures
  • Teamwork Exercise
  • Drilling Engineers / Senior Drilling Engineers / Supervisors / Superintendents
  • Derrick-men / Assistant Drillers / Drillers / Toolpushers
  • Service Company Personnel

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