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Directional Drilling is one of the most fascinating subject areas in the oilfield – with high tech tools able to drill into the smallest of targets great distances from the rig.

The course learning outcomes are:-

  • To enable delegates to understand why points on the Earth (e.g. Geographic North & Magnetic North have been referenced as they have;
  • To enable delegates to understand why certain survey tools reference certain points of reference (e.g. magnetic tools, gyroscopic tools, inertial tools etc.) and how positional calculation are carried out;
  • To enable delegates to know what goes on inside ‘black box’ software survey programs;
  • The tools used for directional, horizontal and multi-lateral drilling and how they are used;
  • How the Directional Drillers & MWD Engineers drill from the vertical to the target(s) selected by the Operators sub-surface groups.

Presentation material is through the use of detailed Manuals, PowerPoint, Design Calculations (& Graphical Analysis), case histories, videos and digital film.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Intermediate

Date Duration Venue Course Fee
15 Jul 19 to 19 Jul 19 5 Days Aberdeen, Scotland USD 4000

This course covers the following topics:

  • Latitude, Longitude, How the Earth has been ‘represented’ in terms of positional co-ordinates
  • How data is acquired and used to determine survey tool & well position
  • Survey tools: Magnetic, Gyroscopic, Inertial & Ring Laser: How they work and how they are used on the rig / downhole
  • Directional Well Design: Vertical, KOP, Tangential Section, Dropping Angle, Horizontal & Multi-lateral drilling
  • Tool Face / High Side, Inclination, Azimuth, Measured Depth & TVD
  • Problems associated with high-angle wells and how they are solved (e.g. hole cleaning, high torque, high drag)
  • Teamwork Exercises: Designing a Directional Well & Tools Listing
  • Detailed Design Procedure, Example Calculations & Graphical Analysis (Oilfield Units & S.I. Units)
  • Drilling Engineers / Senior Drilling Engineers / Technical Assistants
  • Rig Crew: Assistant Drillers, Toolpushers
  • Service Personnel.

 Prerequisite: General Oilfield Knowledge.

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