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From 2018 on, with oil prices having recovered from their extreme lows of circa. 3 years ago, one might expect a slight recovery in drilling project activity – which of course is positive – but one cannot expect the chance of carrying out these projects without risk.

This 5-day course, specifically written for the young professionals of today, shows how difficult projects & risks can be managed so that a) costs do not over-run and b) there is no impact to either the personnel involved or the environment.

To maximise learning, a ride range of Case Histories are also presented with delegates being given the opportunity as teams to project-manage their own drilling projects.

Presentation material is through the use of Manuals, Workbooks, Power Points, Case Histories, Videos & Digital Films.

Date Duration Venue Course Fee
09 Sep 19 to 13 Sep 19 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000

Course Overview

This course follows the excellent Drilling Project & Risk Management principles so clearly written in “Project Risk Management” by Chapman & Ward; “Project Management – A Jump Start” by Heldman and several industry standard booklets, pamphlets and documents all designed to help drilling project work proceed on time, on cost and without incident / accident.

Whilst certain Case Studies will be covered to help the delegates understand how control can so easily be “lost”, companies are welcome to bring their own Case Histories too, should they wish.

Risk will be covered in both its simplest form – i.e. the numerated Boston Square example – but it will also be covered in the highly numerated QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment formant), where a detailed near-HPHT well will be discussed and portrayed.

Aims & Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to understand the key drivers behind successful Project Management & Risk Control and come to learn how to prevent Unscheduled Events so that wells are drilled without any incident; are drilled on time and on budget.

Delegates will also learn from past disasters, and how these disasters could have been prevented.

Consultancy services can be provided both before the course, during the course or after the course as required by the client.


Drilling Technicians, Drilling Engineers, Technical Assistants, Senior Drilling Engineers, Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Supervisors, Workover / Intervention Personnel; Risk Personnel; Risk Personnel; Project Personnel; Drilling Contractor Personnel; Service Company Personnel; Government Staff.



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