Drilling Solutions for Today’s Challenging Wells

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This course covers possible solutions for the successful drilling of today’s highly difficult and highly expensive wells through covering new technologies through the media of Lectures, PowerPoints, Videos, Case History Examples & Teamwork exercises which all portray proven solutions for the drilling of today’s challenging wells.

Provision is also made for delegates to discuss any aspect of their up-coming wells which are pertinent to their employer’s projects in order to attain success not just first time – but every time.

For each subject area, the benefits of certain industry practices are covered in detail as well as why difficulties are often encountered on the rig.  By the end of the course, delegates will understand those key drivers behind zero incident wells – as well as what can be done – and should be done – in order to prevent problems occurring.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Intermediate

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This course covers the following topics:

  • NPT (Non Productive Time) per Industry Data
  • How we can improve
  • MPD (Managed Pressure Drilling): Performance / Under-balanced / ECD Controlled / Dual Gradient Drilling
  • Example System 1: Geo-Pressured Managed System
  • Example System 2: Managed Pressure System
  • Dual Gradient Drilling: Benefits
  • Sacrificial Lost Circulation Drilling
  • PWD Pressure Whilst Drilling
  • Advances in Horizontal Well Drilling
  • Advances in Multi-lateral Well Drilling
  • Advances in Underbalanced Drilling
  • Advances in Pore Pressure &Fracture Gradient Determination
  • Advances in Wellbore Stability (including “Stress Caging” & Expandable Liners
  • Advances in Extended Reach Drilling
  • Advances in Deepwater Drilling
  • Advances in Dual Operations
  • Advances in Automated Drilling
  • Open Forum / Q & A
  • Drillers, Toolpushers, OIM’s, Mud Engineers, Drilling Engineers; Senior Drilling Engineers; Offshore Drilling Engineers; Offshore Supervisors; Drilling Superintendents; Drilling Managers.

 Prerequisite: General Well Planning / Well Operations Experience.

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