E-Learning Course 5: Introduction to Fishing

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Welcome to IDEAS E-Learning

There are many advantages to E-Learning! Key among them are :-

  • You can study in your own time and at your own pace;
  • You can repeat sections time and again until you understand things clearly;
  • There are no travel or hotel costs involved;
  • If you work offshore you do not have to go to training courses in your time off.

Please note that inter-action with the tutor is still possible, just as it is in class, through individual calls via Skype for example or e-mail / social media sites.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to help people to understand how to catch the downhole fish first time.

The information contained within this course references SPE / IADC data, Best Practices Forums Data and General Good Industry Practice. It also gives delegates further sources of information to pursue should they have a particular, more detailed interest.

Section 1: Assessing the Situation

In Section 1 we look at the following:-

  • Downhole Conditions: Formation Related Sticking Mechanisms; Hole Cleaning Sticking Mechanisms; Differential Sticking Mechanisms & Mechanical Sticking Mechanisms
  • Determining Where The String Is Stuck: Calculation Method; Use of Tables; Use of Free Point Indicator

Section 2: Downhole Operations

n Section 2 we look at the following:-

  • Upper String Recovery
  • Lower String (Fish) Recovery
  • Junk
  • Lost Side-Wall Sample Bullets
  • Freeing Stuck Logging Tools & Stuck Wireline
  • Packer Fishing
  • Stuck Casing
  • Casing Milling
  • Milling – General
  • Fishing Tools Complete Listing

Section 3: Inventory

In this Section we look at Minimum Inventory Requirements On-board the Rig.


  • Assistant Drillers / Drillers / Toolpushers (especially Performance Toolpushers who are involved with “Turn-key” or “Performance” contracts) & Rig Managers;
  • Offshore Drilling Engineers;
  • Drilling Supervisors;
  • Service personnel who wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding of Fishing;
  • Delegates who are in another industry or full-time education who envisage joining the Drilling Industry.

Thank you for showing interest in our courses!

Currently, this course is not available for online registration. Please fill up your contact details and we will inform you when the course is available for registration.