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HPHT Well Control is an important certificated course if you are about to drill an HPHT well either for the first time or if you need a refresher.  HPHT differs between standard well control due to the combined effects of pressure and temperature and gas behaviour in WBM & OBM is quite different, going into solution in OBM.  Thus Bubble Point is important and is discussed in detail.  We can also typically see hydrates on HPHT wells, this must inject glycol upstream of the choke at the start of the well killing process.

We will also discuss why the Driller’s Method of killing the well is preferred to the Weight & Wait method, choke drills, why we typically pump out of hole, how we obtain swab & surge pressures etc.

We use the accredited IWCF / IADC formula, API Standard 53 and study Case Histories that went wrong, resulting in a blowout and study a rare “sandwich” bullhead kill on a difficult HPHT well as well as stripping back to bottom and HPHT underground blowouts.

Duration: 3 Days

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course Brochure: IDEAS - HPHT Well Control
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This course covers the following topics:

  • Review: Kick Causes & Indicators; Understanding Trend Changes
  • Review: Well Control Definitions including Dynamic Pressure & APL
  • How the “S” shaped temperature gradient affects mud hydrostatic
  • Why “Hard” Shut-in
  • When to Flow Check
  • Pit Management
  • Gas Behaviour in WBM & OBM and Well Unloading
  • Choke Drill
  • Stripping (including SIDPP & SICP) & Worked Example
  • BOP Equipment including Mud Gas Separator Liquid Seal Calculation
  • Kill Methods (Driller’s, W & W, Bullheading & Kill Rates) & Worked Examples; What the gauges tell us; CLF for semis / drill-ships
  • Hydrates / Glycol / Methanol
  • Responsibilities
  • IWCF / IADC Formulae
  • Case Histories & Learning


  • Drilling Contractor Personnel: Derrick-man; Assistant Driller; Driller; Toolpusher; OIM’s about to drill an HPHT well;
  • Operator personnel about to drill an HPHT well
  • Service Company Personnel (e.g. mud engineer, cementer, directional)

 Prerequisite: Ideally, an existing IWCF / IADC Well Control Certificate.


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