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This course gives delegates a thorough understanding of the drilling process, specifically how we drill and why we drill as we do to reach the oil & gas contained within the reservoirs buried below the earth.

Beginning with how oil & gas was formed, the course then goes through basic geology before explaining the drilling process which includes the types of drilling rigs used to carry out the drilling process and the people who make the rigs and drilling equipment work.

We then look at how oil & gas is produced up the well we have just drilled prior to looking at Drilling Case Histories / Examples and the delegates carrying out an exciting Teamwork Drilling Exercise to aid their learning.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Basic / No Knowledge

Date Duration Venue Course Fee
22 Apr 19 to 26 Apr 19 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000
02 Dec 19 to 06 Dec 19 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000
03 Feb 20 to 07 Feb 20 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000
05 Oct 20 to 09 Oct 20 5 Days Aberdeen, Scotland USD 4000

This course covers the following topics:

  • How oil & gas was formed; the nature of reservoirs
  • Geology
  • How reservoir “targets” are found geologically and by seismic
  • Selecting the drilling rig site and designing the well to reach the reservoir
  • Drilling Rigs: Land, Jack-Up, Tender Assist, Platforms, Semi-submersibles, Drill-ships
  • Drilling Rig Equipment
  • Drilling Systems: Drill Bits, the Drilling Assembly, Drill Pipe
  • How holes are drilled
  • What casing is, how and why it’s run
  • Cementing the casing in place
  • Drilling Deeper
  • Directional Drilling
  • What happens when we reach the reservoir,
  • How Oil & Gas is produced
  • Case Histories / Examples / Teamwork Exercise
  • Personnel new to the Industry;
  • Personnel from other Industries or Petroleum Departments who have no knowledge of drilling;
  • Technical Assistants;
  • Other Discipline Service Company Personnel (e.g. Testing Engineers)

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