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Introduction to Well Control is more of a taught course with a certain pace as opposed to UnderstandingWell Control which is more leisurely and relaxed in its pace. It is for people who have confidence with the sciences, whose English is good but who know nothing about Well Control.

Delegates are also likely to feel comfortable and confident in a taught course classroom environment.  This course focuses upon people gaining a good Introduction to well control, enabling them to go on and take the one week IWCF / IADC Well Control Course and pass (rather than fail).

Worked Examples and Case Histories are studied and discussed (e.g. the Montara, Macondo, Hercules & KS Endeavour blowouts to name but a few) at the delegates pace, so that delegates become fully involved in understanding Well Control.

This course particularly helps those people who are nervous about taking their WellCap / IWCF exam, or who are new to Well Control. Excellent explanatory videos, digital film, Manuals, PowerPoints & Teamwork Exercises are used throughout.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Basic / No Knowledge

Date Duration Venue Course Fee
21 Sep 20 to 25 Sep 20 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000

This course covers the following topics:

  • What exactly is reservoir pressure? What is hydrostatic pressure? How does pressure enter the wellbore? How does permeability affect the rate of entry of the influx into the wellbore? What things can affect hydrostatic pressure (e.g. an influx, swab & surge). How we measure pressure.
  • Influx Entry. How does – and why does – and influx enter the wellbore. How do we detect the influx volume. What happens to gas when it enters a Water Based Mud and an Oil Based Mud.
  • Blowout Prevention Equipment. The Annular Preventer. The Pipe Rams. What they do and what they’re for. Accumulators. The Choke Manifold. The Kill Line. The Mud Gas Separator. The Derrick Vent Line. Other Blowout Prevention Equipment. Shallow Gas & Diverter Equipment.
  • What do the Gauge Readings tell us? Here we will look at what the SIDPP Shut-In Drill Pipe Pressure & SICP Shut-In Casing Pressure gauges tell us and when / why / how we use them.
  • Circulating out the Influx. Here will go through the Driller’s Method & the Weight & Wait Method.
  • Formulae & Kill Sheets. Here we will go through the IWCF / IADC Well Control Formulae Sheets and completely fill-out an IWCF Kill Sheet complete with Step-down Chart and calculated pressures etc.


  • Personnel new to the Industry;
  • Drilling Contractor Personnel: Pump-man, Floor-men, Derrick-man; Anyone having trouble understanding Well Control or who wants to prepare for the 1 week IWCF / IADC Well Control Course;
  • Technical Assistants; Junior Drilling Engineers
  • Service Company Personnel

 Prerequisite: A general understanding of the sciences (e.g. maths, physics, chemistry)

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