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The 3 Day Land Marine and Transition Zone Management course provides the background for Managing Seismic Operations.  It is written in compliance with the 5 basic principles of Project Management and includes basic theory regarding Land, Marine, Transition Zone (TZ) surveys without involving mathematics.

The participants will gain an understanding of the principles and best industry practices surrounding the planning and management of seismic operations.  There is no examination involved in any of the courses and a course certificate will be handed out at the end.

(Management only version – no heavy technical content – 3 day course)

Duration: 3 Days

  • Pre Planning
  • Early Knowledge – What do you need to know to plan and carry out the survey?
  • There will be 2 sessions on HSSE influence on planning, one for marine surveys and one for land / TZ Surveys
  • Survey Design (Marine)
  • Exercise
  • Survey Design (Land and TZ)
  • Main Planning
  • Marine Survey Main Planning
  • Land survey main planning
  • Exercise
  • Tendering
  • Financial and Technical
  • Operations (Marine)
  • Operations (Land)
  • Exercise
  • Deliverables

The 3 Day Land Marine and Transition Zone course is somewhere between intermediate and advanced level and will be best attended by a rather more senior person.  This could be up to Team Leader (or beyond).  The delegates should already have seen project management take place.  Attendees ideally should have a geophysics, maths or electrical engineering degree or similar but the limited seismic technical content can be understood by most with an earth sciences background.

Thank you for showing interest in our courses!

Currently, this course is not available for online registration. Please fill up your contact details and we will inform you when the course is available for registration.