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Understanding Well Control is not easy – we have seen the consequences of this for decades now, not least with the relatively recent Montara, Macondo, Hercules & KS Endeavour blowouts to name but a few.  This course focuses upon people understanding well control, rather than upon them just passing an exam.

Worked Examples and Case Histories are studied and discussed, at the delegates pace, so that delegates become fully involved in the understanding process.

This course particularly helps those people who are nervous about taking their WellCap / IWCF exam, who are new to Well Control or who perhaps struggle a little with well control concepts or the sciences, English or well killing in general. Excellent explanatory videos, digital film, Manuals, PowerPoints & Teamwork Exercises are used throughout.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Advanced

Date Duration Venue Course Fee
11 Mar 19 to 15 Mar 19 5 Days Aberdeen, Scotland USD 4000
23 Sep 19 to 27 Sep 19 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000
20 Jul 20 to 24 Jul 20 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000

This course covers the following topics:

  • Primary Well Control: Reservoir pressure, Mud hydrostatic pressure, Dynamic pressure, Pressure gradient, How pump speed affects pressure, The leak-off test & how it affects Well Integrity, How Influxes are caused, Drilling Fluids, Characteristics of Gases.
  • Secondary Well Control: The Annular Preventer, Pipe Rams, Shear Rams, Blind Rams, Accumulators, The Choke Manifold, IBOP, Float Valves, Well Control Equipment in General.
  • Shutting-In the Well: How we do this, what the SIDPP & SICP numbers tell us; What the Influx Gradient Number tells us; Getting ready to Kill the Well, Completing the Kill Sheet.
  • Killing the Well: How we decide upon the Well Kill Method (Driller’s or Weight & Weight); Stripping back to bottom if needed; Killing the Well: How we do this, What the Pressure Gauges tell us, How we’re sure that the well has been killed.


  • Personnel new to the Industry;
  • Drilling Contractor Personnel: Pump-man, Floor-men, Derrick-man; Anyone having trouble understanding Well Control or who wants to prepare for the 1 week IWCF / IADC Well Control Course;
  • Technical Assistants; Junior Drilling Engineers
  • Service Company Personnel

 Prerequisite: A general understanding of the sciences (e.g. maths, physics, chemistry)

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