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This course has been specifically designed for people involved in well planning who have to also design the cement jobs of the well – or at least have to liaise with their Cementing Contractor.  The course has been designed to give Operator personnel sufficient knowledge to ensure that they – or their Cementing Contractor – both designs – and carries out – an excellent cement job on all of their casing strings on their well to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and oil & gas production.

The course learning outcomes are:

  • To enable delegates to understand the most important aspects of and key drivers behind excellent cementation.
  • To enable delegates to be able to carry out cementation design of their conductor / casing strings / liners.
  • To enable delegates to know what goes on inside ‘black box’ software cementation programs.

Presentation material is through the use of detailed Manuals, PowerPoint, Design Calculations, case histories, videos and digital film (Single Stage Primary Cementing; 2-Stage Primary Cementing; Stab-In Cementing; Liner cementing & API Primary Cementing).

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course Brochure: IDEAS - Well Cementing

This course covers the following topics:

  • Cement Chemistry. What exactly is cement? How is it manufactured? Oxide Composition. API Cement Classifications.
  • Cementing Equipment. What equipment do we use and why do we use it? Mixing. Pumping. Types of Pumping Equipment. Cement Heads.
  • The Well Cementing Process: Conductor, Surface String, Intermediate String, Production String, Liners. The Well’s Life-Cycle.
  • Mud Removal & Cement Placement Optimisation.
  • Light Weight Cement. Two-Stage. Foamed. Lite-Crete.
  • Pumping cement. Displacement planning.
  • Downhole Challenges.
  • Worked Example of a Cementing Program.


  • Drilling Engineers / Senior Drilling Engineers / Technical Assistants

 Prerequisite: General Well Planning Experience.

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