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Oil & gas wells are often extremely expensive (and often carry high risk) especially if they are long-reach / horizontal / multi-lateral and therefore they must reach their objectives without cost over-run or incident (such as worn or corroded casing, excessive lost circulation or an underground blowout for example).

In order to drill wells successfully many aspects of engineering must be assessed, such as wellheads, drill bits and drilling assemblies, casing properties, drilling fluids, cementation, drilling equipment in general, the rig and its crew, the well’s objectives etc. which will differ between the exploration, appraisal and development phases.

This course covers those engineering aspects in detail, which will maximise the success of the drilling phase of the well to be drilled.

To maximise learning, a wide range of Case Histories are also presented with delegates being given the opportunity as teams to design their own well.  Presentation material is through the use of Manuals, PowerPoints, Case Histories, videos and digital film.

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course Brochure: IDEAS - Well Construction
Date Duration Venue Course Fee
14 Oct 19 to 18 Oct 19 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000
11 May 20 to 15 May 20 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000
30 Nov 20 to 04 Dec 20 5 Days London, United Kingdom USD 4000

This course covers the following topics:

  • The Role of Well Construction
  • The Well Design Process
  • Casing Design
  • Drilling & Completion Fluids
  • Cementing
  • Drill Bits & Bit Selection
  • Hydraulics & Hole Cleaning
  • Drill String Design
  • Surveying & Directional Drilling
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Rig Equipment & Sizing
  • Drilling Problems
  • Advances in Technology
  • Subsea Systems
  • Completion Equipment
  • Technical Limit Drilling
  • Project
  • Personnel who are involved with Well Design / Planning / Drilling Programme Writing & Offshore Personnel who are actually involved in Constructing the well. Programme Sign-off e.g. Drilling Engineers / Senior Drilling Engineers / Drilling Superintendents
  • Service Company Personnel / Well Reviewers / Examiners

 Prerequisite: Some previous planning knowledge (e.g. Technical Assistant).

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