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Workover is a generic name that has many meanings in the oil industry. Two examples are:

  1. The repair or stimulation of an existing production well for the purpose of restoring, prolonging or enhancing the production of hydrocarbon and
  2. The process of performing major maintenance or remedial treatments on an oil or gas well.

In the majority of cases, a workover implies the removal and replacement of the production tubing string after the well has been killed and a workover rig has been placed on location.  This generally also includes the removal of the Christmas tree as this normally holds down the tubing hanger.  However, more recently, through-tubing workover operations, using coiled tubing, slim hole drillstrings, snubbing or slickline equipment, are conducted to complete treatments or well service activities that avoid a full workover where the tubing is removed.  This operation saves considerable time and expense.

The opportunity to conduct through tubing workovers has been considerably widened by the use of monobore completions.  The media used in this course is Presentations, manuals, videos, case histories and live examples.  This course covers in a high level of detail the following topics

Duration: 5 Days

Skill Level: Advanced

Course Brochure: Coming Soon
  • Introduction to Workovers (why do it?)
  • Workover Operations
  • Well Pulling Operations
  • Workover Fluids
  • Side Tracking
  • Abandonment and Suspension
  • Company Well Workover Engineers, Company Senior Well Workover Engineers, Well Workover Managers, Service Company Personnel and Service Company Managers.

 Prerequisite: A high level of Field Experience.

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