About Independent Drilling Engineering AssociateS

IDEAS word LogoIDEAS stands for Independent Drilling Engineering AssociateS.

Started in 1996 in the U.K. as Independent Drilling Engineering Ltd, the company was primarily involved in the Oil & Gas industry as Well Examiners and Reviewers.  The work carried out was mainly in response to the UK Government’s (HSE Executive) Issuance of the Well Design and Construction Regulations established in 1996.  This was following the release of the Public Inquiry Report, under Lord Cullen, into the Piper Alpha Disaster in the UK North Sea.  This disaster unfortunately witnessed the tragic loss of 167 lives on 6 July 1988.

In 1999, the company incorporated as a Scottish Company – Independent Drilling Engineering AssociateS Ltd to allow for more experts to both be involved in the business and expand the company’s areas of expertise.  Whilst Well Examination remained the core business, work areas also expanded into Technical Advice, Difficult Well Designs, the writing of SPE and World Oil papers for BP and Risk Analysis / Mitigation both in the U.K. and overseas.   

In response to demand in Asia, IDEAS set-up an office in Singapore to serve firstly the Singapore clients in 2006.  Hence, clients from Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia (including Sarawak, East Malaysia) and Vietnam are served out of the office in Singapore.  Countries from Africa, Europe, the U.S.A., Russia and the Middle East continue to be served out of Scotland. 

The financial crisis of 2008 / 2009 and the subsequent crash in the oil price to $33 resulted in IDEAS diversifying into a wider range of products and services, with a wider profile of companies (typically smaller) being served.

During the lull oil price period of 2014 / 2015, IDEAS took the opportunity to re-think, re-strategise and re-invent our products and services being offered to the industry.  Despite the mid the oil price crashing to $42 from earlier highs of above $100, IDEAS continues to work closely with its clients to help them to both survive and thrive.

In early 2015, IDEAS took a long term view to service our clients more efficiently and effectively by taking on a long-term office lease in Singapore.  This has helped its Asian clients enjoy massive cost reductions without having to incur high travel costs from Europe.

IDEAS is now located on the top floor of Midview City (with an exclusive roof-top garden), within walking distance to the beautifully landscaped Bishan Park and the tranquil rainforest surrounding the Singapore Island Country Club, Lower and Upper Peirce Reservoir Parks.

Today, IDEAS specialises in a wide range of Training and Consultancy services for the Oil and Gas industry worldwide.  We love what we do!  This is why we do it!

Our office is located at Midview City, Singapore.

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A close up of the building!

The back view of the building.

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Our humble office all dressed up for Chinese New Year!

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Always a relaxing time in our magical garden that we built from scratch.

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Lovely view from our balcony.

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In this office, we do teamwork, we do help, we do respect and we do laughter. We do great things :)

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杰昇钻井咨询与培训公司(Independent Drilling Engineering Ltd)于1996 年在英国成立,其主要业务是担任石油和天然气行业的测井及审核人员。 1999年,IDEAS 在苏格兰正式注册成立 – Independent Drilling Engineering AssociateS Ltd,  让更多的专家参与公司的业务,进一步扩大了公司的专业技术服务领域。 以测井为核心业务,IDEAS 的工作领域扩展到技术咨询,疑难井设计,在世界石油论坛和有关报章发表有关风险分析/策略的学术文章。

为了满足亚洲地区业务发展的需求,2006年,IDEAS在新加坡设立办事处,面向澳大利亚,文莱,印度,马来西亚(包括砂劳越和东马,阿联酋,越南等国家的客户,而 IDEAS 苏格兰总部继续为安哥拉,埃及,尼日利亚及美国等地区的客户提供服务。

2014年 / 2015年世界石油价格进入低靡阶段,IDEAS 借此机会重新审视,调整策略,改进产品和服务质量,与行业内的客户密切合作,协助他们巩固及发展其业务。

如今,IDEAS专业从事全球性石油,天然气行业一系列的培训和咨询服务。 我们热衷于我们的事业,这就是我们不遗余力为之奋斗的!

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