Drilling Training

IDEAS is a thinking company – represented by Auguste Rodin’s Thinker.  

Our philosophy and working culture is one of creation through commitment, dedication, innovation and thought.  The Thinker by Auguste Rodin was very carefully selected to present the philosophy behind how we work.  His chin rests upon the fingers of his right hand and the elbow of his right arm rests upon his left thigh – The Thinker is deep in Thought

The chin of The Thinker rests upon his right arm which, in turn, rests upon his left thigh.  This is a rather unusual and uncomfortable position for someone to assume while in a state of thought.  When this posture within the context of Symbolism is considered, we understand the true meaning in the Union of Duality.  The right side of a body is the Masculine side of one’s nature – representing Reason, whilst the left side of a body is the Feminine side of one’s nature – representing Intuition.  The crossing, and thereby uniting, the right side of a body with the left side of the body symbolises the Interaction and Union, of Masculine Reason with Feminine Intuition. 

Therefore, the posture of The Thinker infers IDEAS’ Dual Nature – Masculine and Feminine, Reason and Intuition, Logic and Feeling, Intellect and Insight.  At the same time, using these dual attributes to reach a Balanced Solution and Optimal Decision for all our clients’ requests.  This is reflected in applying thorough thought to the solving of problems.  IDEAS aims always to create the most cost-effective and safest solutions to those problems / situations which are increasing exponentially in today’s ever increasing cost-driven and safety conscious industry.  IDEAS also applies creative lateral thinking, objective traditionalist thinking and/or a combination of the two, in order to provide optimal solutions on an independent basis without bias or prejudice.

Lastly, the sculpture of The Thinker is naked.  Nakedness represents openness, honest exposure, the unhidden, and being completely revealed.  In other words, nakedness represents – Truth.  IDEAS at all times, focuses upon delivering our in-depth and holistic knowledge, breadth of experience and expertise onto Operators, Drilling Contractors and Service Companies’ drilling engineering and related work requirements with complete truth.  We are committed to providing top quality, fast turnaround bespoke work packages on either an ad-hoc or long-term basis – 24 hours per day – 365 days per year – worldwide – truthfully.

Finally, the reason gold is chosen as opposed to bronze for The Thinker, is because we believe all our clients deserve the best work to be delivered, work that is worth its  weight in 24 carat gold.  

The rising sun over the Earth represents the birth of a brilliant idea for all the clients we work with, globally. 

The bright and cheery colour – Yellow – represents sunny, warm and hospitable – reflecting the personality and work style of all our consultants and staff. 

The formal and strong colour – Black – is a colour of power and sophistication – reflecting the quality and depth of the work we do and deliver.

We hope you too appreciate the creative genius of Auguste Rodin.  If you would like a memento of this famous sculpture, please click on here to register with us.  We will put one in the post to you straight away!