Meet the Team

To be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work.  This is why at IDEAS, we do it with passion or not at all.  Our key to success? Hard work, determination and the dedication to your business.

Dr Michael Gibson, Principal Consultant

Michael Gibson
Dr Michael Gibson has over 35 years’ international oilfield experience working in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from reservoir interface engineering through to drilling, testing, completion, production, intervention and well workover in both the office and at the rig-site on land rigs, jack-ups, platforms, tender-assist rigs, semi-submersibles and deepwater drillships.  A champion of lateral thinking, new technology, risk analysis and inter-disciplinary teamwork, Dr Gibson studied at The Robert Gordon Institute of Technology in Aberdeen, Scotland, Department of Mechanical and Offshore Engineering, under the expert tutelage of the esteemed late Professor Blythe McNaughton.

He holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Post Graduate Diploma with Distinction in Offshore Engineering (with Shell-Esso Prize Award), Master’s Degrees in Offshore Engineering (with Britoil Prize Award) and Engineering Technology (with Commendation) and an 8-volume PhD thesis (gained over 8 years whilst working offshore) in Blowouts, Relief Well Planning, Wellbore Positional Uncertainty, and High Pressure High Temperature Drilling and Field Development.

Dr Gibson has written many technical papers over the years, focusing upon drilling efficiency, well integrity, risk analysis and safety.  He is passionate about well control, has written several manuals on the subject (including HPHT and Deepwater) and is IADC WellCap Plus Certified.

Through IDEAS, he currently advises and teaches a wide range of clients worldwide on issues ranging from drilling through to production.  Mike is both a Master Scuba Diver and a Dive Master.  In his spare time, he dives whenever and wherever he can – in places ranging from Scapa Flow in Scotland to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.  When neither diving nor working, he is involved in charity work, particularly in Africa, Cambodia and India.

The Late Dr Andrew Palmer, Honorary Director - Pipelines

We regret to inform you that our esteemed friend and colleague Dr Andrew Palmer passed away in December 2019 whilst being a Board Member for the American University of Sharjah, U.A.E.

Andrew helped IDEAS enormously whilst Head of Mechanical & Offshore Engineering at the National University of Singapore between 2006 – 2015. He also helped every student on his courses not only in Singapore but those on his industrial courses too, ranging as far back as Cambridge where he was Professor of Engineering.

In fact he helped so many people – one just had to ask for help and he’d freely give what was needed. He will sorely missed by all those in the Offshore World.

IDEAS Ltd are conferring upon him the title of “Honorary Director”, which is posthumously awarded for all his help and kindness – not just to IDEAS personnel but to all those whom he met throughout his well-travelled life. R.I.P. Andrew.


Marek Pawlewski, Expert Consultant - Risk Analysis

Marek edited
Marek is IDEAS’ lead expert consultant in Quantitative Risk Analysis.  He developed the proprietary Risk Impact methodology for IDEAS and built the proprietary software used for IDEAS’ risk analysis oilfield work of the same title – Risk ImpactMarek is IDEAS’ lead expert consultant in Quantitative Risk Analysis.  He developed the proprietary Risk Impact methodology for IDEAS and built the proprietary software used for IDEAS’ risk analysis oilfield work of the same title – Risk Impact.  Marek is IDEAS’ lead expert consultant in Quantitative Risk Analysis.  He developed the proprietary Risk ImpactTM methodology for IDEAS and built the proprietary software used for IDEAS’ risk analysis oilfield work of the same title – Risk ImpactTM

This software has been used to carry out risk analysis and significantly reduced drilling costs for our clients with outstanding results in the following areas to name but a few :- (1) HPHT Field Development (North Sea), (2) Mature Field Re-development (Oman), (3) Drilling Fluids for ERD Wells (North Sea); (4) Cost-Effective Drilling (Worldwide), and (5) Multi-Lateral Wells (North Sea).  Marek, together with Mike and all our Expert Consultants are an extremely powerful team to help maximise safety, maximise efficiency, maximise performance and maximise profitability.  During his time in the North Sea oil industry, Marek was noted for his computational expertise in determining the structural failure of the “Alexander Kielland” which capsized, following the failure of the rig’s bracing during a storm offshore to Norway with 123 lives lost.

An expert in statistical analysis and software engineering, Marek has more than 20 years’ experience working in the high technology industry.  He has worked in various technology areas including computerised speech recognition, signal processing, computer vision, security research and quantitative risk analysis.  Marek is the named inventor on 9 technology patents and has several years’ experience in numerical analysis and core algorithm development for high-tech engineering.  He holds post graduate degrees in Theoretical Physics, Software Engineering and Offshore Engineering.  In his spare time, he enjoys sailing with his family and also has a keen interest in automated stock market trading on the US markets.

Tom Civellio, Expert Consultant - Rig Survey

tom photoshoped FINAL 1
Tom began his oilfield career in the USA working for the excellent drilling contractor, Sedco and his magnanimous personality and hard-working nature quickly yielded promotion and a thorough knowledge of rigs.  His knowledge and positive attitude took him around the world, and eventually led him to form Survey Spec, with whom we are proud to work with.

Tom was responsible for customising offshore and onshore inspection services to the point where he was able to advise clients very quickly as to status of equipment as opposed to first filling out reams of paper for example.  

Tom is passionate about all manner of rig-related programmes and has built an excellent team of supportive personnel.

Tom carries out major areas of work (and highly specialised areas of work) in the areas of Rig Acceptance,  Rig Commissioning and Rig Audit.

He and his team also have expertise in the area of Well Control.

He has offices in both Singapore and Texas, USA and can be found on a land rig in Oman just as easily as on a rig in the shipyard in Singapore or offshore.  Overall he has worked in excess of over 30 companies around the world, ranging from Operators through to Drilling Contractors, Service Companies and Rig Builders.

With a highly personable smile and warm personality, Tom welcomes anyone who wants to stop-by his office for a coffee and a chat!

Lucia Ng, General Manager

lucia ng

Ms Lucia Ng has over 20 years of administrative, human resources, operational, business development and strategy experience at senior management level.  She has been responsible for all aspects of IDEAS‘ operation and growth in Asia since December 2006. 

Through diligent focus and strategy, Lucia has generated the situation enjoyed by the company today – one of first rate reputation through service excellence, expanding and supporting operations 24/7, 365 days a year in the most professional manner possible.  She continues to excel in all aspects of organisation, management and delivers professional work to all our international clients at all times, every time.

Lucia has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, UK and is currently reading MSc in Business Psychology at Heriot Watt University, UK.  Her passion in offshore crew’s wellness has spearheaded IDEAS’ expansion into Psychological Wellness and Leadership consultancy and training programmes.  Some areas of her specialisation involves conducting psychological assessments and the handling of toxic personalities.  She also enjoys working through challenging conditions such as work dysfunctionality, stress, burnout, chronic fatigue, depression and personality disorders.

In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, dancing, walking her dogs and carrying out charity work to care for the needy and marginalised.

Kitty Tan, Office Manager

kitty tan
Having more than 20 years of customer service, administrative and secretarial support experience, Kitty has moved from the hospitality industry to water treatment industry, and now the oil and gas industry.  With each of her move, she gathers new experience and develops improved ways of managing various operational systems. 

Being very proficient in Mandarin, Kitty handles and assists IDEAS with Chinese translation work for all email communications, publicity material and project detail clarification.  Our Chinese clients find her a delight to work with as communication is always clear and concise, with close to nil chance of miscommunication or misunderstanding.  As Office Manager with IDEAS, Kitty’s primary role is to ensure that the company “base camp” is efficient and effective at all times.  She supports the team through areas such as accounting, administration, travel logistics, operations, processes and resource provision.  In brief, everything! 

Kitty graduated from Shanghai University with a Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering degree.  Her background in engineering makes her a multi-tasker when handling very technical engineering documents.  She is a “must-have” person in all of the company’s consultancy projects. 

Kitty enjoys taking her dog for long walks and reading a book when she is free.  She loves travelling too.

Matilda Ng, Business Development Manager

matilda ng

A highly personable client service professional, Matilda has over 3 years of experience in building key client relationships and client servicing. 

Matilda’s key role is to develop new business pipelines coming through to IDEAS.  This involves a thorough knowledge of the industry and the solutions / services the company can provide.  To match the two together is often a challenging task.  However, her passion to help her stakeholders Maximise Safety, Efficiency, Profit and Production has never failed to create the best possible solutions at the lowest possible costs. 

She aims to build and strengthen a close working relationship with all her clients.  Having the welfare of her stakeholders close at heart, she constantly seeks and offers creative consultancy and training solutions to meet every clients’ needs. 

Matilda has a BSc in Business (Marketing) from RMIT University.  This explains why she continuously finds ways to measure customer satisfaction, improve services and aims to provide excellent customer service.  She also plays a significant role in defining IDEAS’ promotional and publicity strategies.

In her spare time, she enjoys singing and travelling.  She also loves spending time with children and finds it very rewarding to observe each child reaching different milestones of their lives.

Aivy Chia, Marketing Manager

aivy chia
With more than 9 years’ experience in marketing support and event management, Aivy manages the day to day marketing activities of IDEAS

She develops and manages both short term publicity projects and long term marketing strategies, ensuring customer satisfaction for every project she handles.  Her diligence to analyse market trends, oil and gas industry needs daily helps her implement IDEAS’ marketing plan efficiently and effectively.  She sets high marketing goals and develops creative promotional events, only to push herself and the company to higher grounds.  

A firm advocate of teamwork, Aivy values her team mates and believes that the only way to build a company with great success and ability to scale greater heights, is to build a great team.  She lives by her favourite inspirational quote, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller.

Aivy has a BSc in Business (Marketing) from the RMIT University.  Her knowledge of marketing presents itself in the creative work she does. 

Always “thinking out of the box”, she never fails to impress with the final products she delivers.

In her spare time she enjoys scuba diving, travelling, painting and has a keen interest in voluntary work.

Our Consultants

consultants web

Our consultants support our experts, in all areas of consultancy and training on an adhoc basis (as this is their preferred way of working).  A highly focused and very specialised group of people, they are all experts in their own fields – ranging from reservoir through to drilling, testing, completion, production, intervention, workover and rig work (including shipyard work in Singapore and Korea).

They have up-to-date qualifications, excellent references and first class track records.  Many are authors of fine manuals, technical texts, and long listings of SPE / IADC papers.  They are also passionate about helping the people with whom they work with and are always keen to pass on as much of their knowledge and planning / field experience as possible.

All have in excess of minimum 25 years of experience – both office and offshore based – and all have the excellent technical and inter-personal skills needed to ensure project success in today’s often difficult, demanding and inter-cultural market place.

Once our consultants are placed, they remain committed until you deem the work to be totally complete and to your absolute satisfaction.  Throughout their projects, they have the support of the whole IDEAS team to ensure complete satisfaction and total quality.