IADC / SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition 2016, Singapore

“First Class Papers”

Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing 2016 - Singapore


2nd Petro-Gathering China University of Petroleum (East China), Qingdao

“Lucia and Mike gave an excellent workshop”

Bespoke Assistant Driller Programme, Module III 2016 - Singapore

“Keep up the energy and the good job”

“This training programme has helped me to understand better about the role of an Assistant Driller therefore I can do my job better”


Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing 2016 - Balikpapan, Indonesia

“I enjoyed the videos which shared with us, psychological briefing and the trainer is clear and experienced”

“The course also included psychological briefing which i enjoyed as well”

“I have enjoyed working on the exercises as these exercises helped me to understand better on the main topic”

Directional Drilling and Surveying 2016 - Singapore

“Through this course, I have a good understanding on how important surveying is and a good plan is needed for efficient construction”

API AXIS 2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Excellent Papers”

Bespoke Assistant Driller Programme, Module II 2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“This programme has shown those without experiences to gain knowledge through e-learning, learning on the rig and class training.

“The tasks in the course are relevant to the work I am doing. The learning of module 2 helps me to do better in my job!”

“The offshore practical task log book is more practical rather than theoretically. It helps in my overall learning!”

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2016 - Karachi

“Easy and good teaching skills of the instructor”

“Detailed geological parameters”

“Covered easily all methodology to prevent stuck pipe”

HPHT Drilling Operations 2015 (II) - Singapore

HPHT Drilling Operations 2015 (I) - Singapore

Bespoke Assistant Driller Programme, Module I 2016 - Bangkok, Thailand

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2015 - Singapore

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2015 – Singapore

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2014 - Bali, Indonesia

Optimised Drilling Practices 2014 - Dubai

“Michael is my greatest teacher!”

“Excellent Optimised Drilling Practices Courses; Very well taught”

HPHT Rig Survey 2014 - Offshore Vietnam

HPHT Drilling Practices on the West Defender JU 2013 - Offshore Brunei

HPHT Well Engineering & HPHT Well Control 2013 - Miri, Sarawak

“First-class HPHT Well Control training at the rig-site followed by first-class HPHT Well Control & HPHT Well Engineering at the office afterwards”

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Case History Review 2013 - Perth, Australia

Optimised Drilling Practices, Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Well Design & Construction 2013 – Madrid, Spain

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2013 – Brunei

Drill Bits & Drillstring Design 2013 – Bali, Indonesia

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2013 – Bali, Indonesia

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2012 - Madrid, Spain

HPHT Drilling Practices For Vantage Drilling 2011 - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

“Excellent training on-board the Aquamarine rig, at the ship-yard and in Ho Chi Minh for the crews”

Guest Lectureship at National University of Singapore 2011 - Singapore

“Very informative Guest Lectureship Training on the MSc Offshore Engineering Course”

Stuck Pipe Prevention, Noble Discoverer, Singapore Shipyard

“Now I understand SPP”

“I see what’s important now over the shakers”

“Good course”

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing – Perth, Australia

“Just great”

“Excellent explanation of Engineering & Operations”

“Great Course”

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Great course!”

“Now I fully understand Fishing”

“Understand the Driller’s First Actions”

HPHT Well Engineering – Talisman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Accurate PP & FP Vital”

“Need to revise mud weights”

“Training on the rig is vital”

Training for Unscheduled Events – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Did not know so much could go wrong”

“Now I must think”

“Accidents are for a reason”

Deepwater Well Control – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Now I understand”

“Understand clearing the stack”

“Did not know thermal variation”

Professional Papers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Clear delivery”

“Excellent Message”

“We all need to be doing such work”

Optimised Drilling Practices with Simulator (DS5000) – Singapore

“Worked examples were great”

“Excellent Tuition”

“Really increased my understanding”

Well Construction – Aberdeen, Scotland

“Better Understand LOT”

“Fully understand MAASP now”

“Mike is a great teacher”

Stuck Pipe Prevention - Frontier Phoenix Drill-ship offshore to East Singapore

“Now I understand SPP”

“This was a good teacher”

“Much Better Knowledge”

Review of British Gas Armada Well Integrity Management System

“First Class Report”

Well Construction – Singapore

“This man knows his job!”

“Great explanations!”

“Wonderful, terrific teacher!”