HPHT Well Engineering, HPHT Drilling Operations and HPHT Well Control Training - Aberdeen, Scotland

“Excellent HPHT Well Engineering, HPHT Drilling Operations and HPHT Well Control training”

HPHT Drilling Operations & Well Engineering

“It’s exactly the kind of training Pertamina drilling needed the most”

“The trainer is good and he has deep knowledge of the related topics”

“Great materials, helpful instructor and staff and great venue”

Drilling Project and Risk Management 2017 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“The course is very useful and relevant to my work”

“A great course!”

“Mike is a very experience and knowledgable trainer”

IADC / SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition 2016, Singapore

“First Class Papers”

Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing 2016 - Singapore


2nd Petro-Gathering China University of Petroleum (East China), Qingdao

“Lucia and Mike gave an excellent workshop”

Bespoke Assistant Driller Programme, Module III 2016 - Singapore

“Keep up the energy and the good job”

“This training programme has helped me to understand better about the role of an Assistant Driller therefore I can do my job better”


Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing 2016 - Balikpapan, Indonesia

“I enjoyed the videos which shared with us, psychological briefing and the trainer is clear and experienced”

“The course also included psychological briefing which i enjoyed as well”

“I have enjoyed working on the exercises as these exercises helped me to understand better on the main topic”

Directional Drilling and Surveying 2016 - Singapore

“Through this course, I have a good understanding on how important surveying is and a good plan is needed for efficient construction”

API AXIS 2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Excellent Papers”

Bespoke Assistant Driller Programme, Module II 2016 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“This programme has shown those without experiences to gain knowledge through e-learning, learning on the rig and class training.

“The tasks in the course are relevant to the work I am doing. The learning of module 2 helps me to do better in my job!”

“The offshore practical task log book is more practical rather than theoretically. It helps in my overall learning!”

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2016 - Karachi

“Easy and good teaching skills of the instructor”

“Detailed geological parameters”

“Covered easily all methodology to prevent stuck pipe”

HPHT Drilling Operations 2015 (II) - Singapore

HPHT Drilling Operations 2015 (I) - Singapore

Bespoke Assistant Driller Programme, Module I 2016 - Bangkok, Thailand

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2015 - Singapore

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2015 – Singapore

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2014 - Bali, Indonesia

Optimised Drilling Practices 2014 - Dubai

“Michael is my greatest teacher!”

“Excellent Optimised Drilling Practices Courses; Very well taught”

HPHT Rig Survey 2014 - Offshore Vietnam

HPHT Drilling Practices on the West Defender JU 2013 - Offshore Brunei

HPHT Well Engineering & HPHT Well Control 2013 - Miri, Sarawak

“First-class HPHT Well Control training at the rig-site followed by first-class HPHT Well Control & HPHT Well Engineering at the office afterwards”

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Case History Review 2013 - Perth, Australia

Optimised Drilling Practices, Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Well Design & Construction 2013 – Madrid, Spain

Stuck Pipe Prevention 2013 – Brunei

Drill Bits & Drillstring Design 2013 – Bali, Indonesia

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2013 – Bali, Indonesia

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing 2012 - Madrid, Spain

HPHT Drilling Practices For Vantage Drilling 2011 - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

“Excellent training on-board the Aquamarine rig, at the ship-yard and in Ho Chi Minh for the crews”

Guest Lectureship at National University of Singapore 2011 - Singapore

“Very informative Guest Lectureship Training on the MSc Offshore Engineering Course”

Stuck Pipe Prevention, Noble Discoverer, Singapore Shipyard

“Now I understand SPP”

“I see what’s important now over the shakers”

“Good course”

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing – Perth, Australia

“Just great”

“Excellent explanation of Engineering & Operations”

“Great Course”

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Great course!”

“Now I fully understand Fishing”

“Understand the Driller’s First Actions”

HPHT Well Engineering – Talisman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Accurate PP & FP Vital”

“Need to revise mud weights”

“Training on the rig is vital”

Training for Unscheduled Events – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Did not know so much could go wrong”

“Now I must think”

“Accidents are for a reason”

Deepwater Well Control – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Now I understand”

“Understand clearing the stack”

“Did not know thermal variation”

Professional Papers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Clear delivery”

“Excellent Message”

“We all need to be doing such work”

Optimised Drilling Practices with Simulator (DS5000) – Singapore

“Worked examples were great”

“Excellent Tuition”

“Really increased my understanding”

Well Construction – Aberdeen, Scotland

“Better Understand LOT”

“Fully understand MAASP now”

“Mike is a great teacher”

Stuck Pipe Prevention - Frontier Phoenix Drill-ship offshore to East Singapore

“Now I understand SPP”

“This was a good teacher”

“Much Better Knowledge”

Review of British Gas Armada Well Integrity Management System

“First Class Report”

Well Construction – Singapore

“This man knows his job!”

“Great explanations!”

“Wonderful, terrific teacher!”