Welcome to our resources section which covers, in brief, the resources which IDEAS has – and utilises – to give you, our clients, the very best in personnel and information, whether it be for training or consultancy purposes. 

In this section of our website we have included key information points relating to the following areas: – 

  • Personnel
  • Bulletins which we issue on a timely basis
  • Our personally written Technical / Engineering Papers
  • Learning Hub / Useful Links
  • Acknowledgement of and to the providers of much of our source material for training purposes (e.g. API, SPE, IADC, NACE, IWCF, Service Companies, Equipment Companies, Drilling Contractors, Published Books & Articles)
  • Recent Certification Awards

Please contact us with any further questions or queries you may have. Thank you. 


All our personnel are highly experienced (25 – 35+ years), have a minimum of a B.Sc. Degree, with many having Master’s Degrees or PhD Degrees. If you are looking for expert trainers, all our trainers have taught for more than ten years; if you are looking for consultants all our consultants have been consulting for more than twenty years. 

Our personnel’s main language is English but we also have experts who speak several languages ranging from Arabic through to Thai. This is of great advantage when difficult subject areas are taught, for example well control.

Please contact us should you have specific requirements.


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IDEAS wish to acknowledge and thank the following resources for their help and for selflessly posting and printing extremely useful public domain information which we have often referred to in our training material and consultancy work:-